New Bible Study Being Offered!

Whether you have been attending Bible study groups for years or you haven’t cracked a Bible since that Sunday school class as a kid, The Present Word study series offers an easily accessible means of jumping into biblical passages. The class is designed to allow participants to drop in for a single session or come every week. No preparation necessary! Studying the Gospel of Luke and the book of James, the winter quarter of The Present Word explores the birth of Jesus, how Jesus advocated for God’s reign among all people, and the challenges we face today to live justly in the reign of God.

Sessions will be held at St. John on Sunday evenings from 6pm-7pm. A daytime session will be held at Our Saviour’s UCC on Monday mornings 9am-10am. Participants are free to drop in to any of the session….pick the time/location that works best for you!

Topics in Unit II: Jesus Ushers in the Reign of God

January 5 Honoring the Sabbath: Luke 6:1–11
January 12 How to live as God’s People: Luke 6:17–31
January 19 Jesus Teaches about Relationships: Luke 14:7–18a, 22–24
January 26 Jesus Teaches Compassion for the Poor: Luke 16:19–31