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Youth Activities

Youth Activities

SkyzoneLiving out our faith can be fun! Our youth programming emphasizes community building and developing lasting relationships in a positive environment. St. John youth have a joint youth group program with Our Saviour’s UCC on the northside of Germantown. Activities include recreational outings to: indoor trampoline parks, sporting events such as Brewers, Bucks, and Admirals games, bowling, etc. We seek to reach out to those in need through service at the local food pantry, St. Benedict the Moor’s Community Meal Program in Milwaukee, and various other programs.

We believe children and youth are not just our future but a vital component of our faith community today. Youth are encouraged to get involved in our worship services by serving as ushers, liturgists, or sharing their musical talents.

Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum

seasons of the spiritSeasons of the Spirit is one inclusive program for the whole congregation. Seasons of the Spirit supports faith communities and families in their life together by

exploring meaning and mystery in the Bible
being grounded in thoughtful theology
empowering children, youth, and adults to be transformed in Christ
inspiring and equipping leaders
nurturing the imaginative spirit
offering resources for all ages
integrating worship, learning, and serving ministries

You can find out more about this curriculum at www.seasonsonline.ca



CREW cover

Each year we offer a Confirmation class to anyone 7th grade or older who would like to be confirmed as a member of the church. This approximately 9 month course is not considered the culmination of a youth’s faith formation but rather an acknowledgement of their choice to take responsibility for their faith development and affirm their desire to be active participants in the church. Emphasis during this time is placed on the importance of service both within the church and in the wider community and world, the importance of our commitment to social justice, our identity as members of the United Church of Christ and the rich faith traditions we inherit from those who have come before us, as well as equipping participants with the tools to continue growing in faith through the study of Scripture, prayer, worship and other spiritual practices.




United Church of Christ Camps


UCCI Outdoor MinistryPilgrim Center and Moon Beach are outdoor ministry programs associated with the United Church of Christ and the Wisconsin Conference of the UCC.

While many of our campers are members at local UCC churches across Wisconsin, many other campers come from out of the state or attend other churches. Some of our participants attend no church, but find that the community and sanctuary of our sites feed their spiritual needs.

Moon Beach and Pilgrim Center offer a peaceful reprieve from the stresses and demands of the world, if only for a few days or a week. Our programs are open to anyone regardless of race, color, ethnic background, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We have program offerings for people of all ages. We make every effort to accommodate differing abilities in our programs and on our facilities. These are more than words we speak – it is how we run our programs and live our lives. Our staff stands ready to welcome everyone into the community at Moon Beach and Pilgrim Center.