St. John UCC Arts & Craft Fair – 2013




March 2016 1st—7pm Women’s Guild Mtg. 2nd— 6:15pm Light Supper,          7pm Lenten Gathering 4th—9am Women’s Guild Kitchen Clean-up 6th—Women’s Sunday, One Great Hour of Sharing; Potluck to follow worship 7th—10-11:30am Bible Study (OSC) 9th—6:15pm—Light Supper        7pm—Lenten Gathering 10th—6:30pm Church Council 13th—4-6pm Slowing With the Spirit 14th—10-11:30am Bible Study (OSC) 16th –6:15pm Light Supper …

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Recipe Corner

St. John U.C.C. has some wonderful cooks and bakers during Fellowship or Potluck Dinners. We have had request for some of the recipes. Each month in the Heart Beat Newsletter the Outreach Committee will enter a new recipe. If you have one you would like to submit, please email it to the church and we will …

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