What’s Up With That?

If you’ve been reading your newsletters and bulletins you might have noticed we have been offering a number of different small group opportunities and you might be thinking “What’s up with that?” Small group ministry is nothing new, its been around since the very start of the church (its essentially what the early churches were—groups of people gathered together over a common interest/cause/issue/need). Recently a report came out from a Baylor University study that evaluated the impact of small group ministry on the overall health and success of a church. Not surprisingly, the study found small group ministry to be valuable for connecting members to the church and to one another. Involvement in small groups increases the commitment level of a church’s members, promotes a sense of trust and open discussion, and provides support during difficult moments in members’ lives.  The report went on to say that any type of small group will benefit a church, whether it’s a Sunday School, a service group, or a basketball league, because of the belonging and commitment they foster. “But small Bible study and prayer groups are better at promoting discipleship and spiritual growth” noted the author of the report. The study also affirmed that members of small groups are more likely to tithe, attend worship services regularly, and volunteer in service ministries.

As the new program year begins I challenge every member to give one of our small group offerings a try. Not only will it offer you an opportunity to enjoy one of your hobbies (or develop a new one), it helps to strengthen our community of faith as we spend time together sharing our lives and being the body of Christ to one another.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Tara