If you have a great memory, then you might recall around this time last year when we kicked off our Literacy Campaign in conjunction with the United Church of Christ’s National Literacy Initiative. Over the past year we have a number of successes to report:

  1. BOOK CLUB: We now have a joint book club with Our Saviour’s UCC that meets on a monthly basis at Starbucks to discuss various books on faith. Although actual attendance averages only about 4-5, our small group has done a great job of promoting and sharing the books we read with others so our actual reach is much larger. We always welcome new participants–contact the church office for information on the upcoming selections.
  2. LITTLE FREE LIBRARY: Thanks to Gary and Erik Johnson and Jeannie Lehmann we now have an attractive “little free library” mounted at the entrance to the prayer garden and registered with the national Little Free Library program. The concept is simple: groups like ours put up these little “libraries” outside in public areas and stock them with books. The public is then welcome to come, peruse the selections, and borrow books. You don’t have to return the book to the same library, and you can put books in any library at any time. More information can be found at www.littlefreelibrary.org
  3. CHURCH LIBRARY: We have rebooted our own church library. This can be found on the glass shelves in the lobby, just outside the sanctuary. Books, videos, and cds will be rotated for lending periodically. In each book there is a pocket with an index card, we ask that if you would like to borrow a book you simply fill out the card with your name and the date and drop it into the index card box on the library shelves. When you return the book, take the card out of the box and put it back in the book & place on the shelf. We hope to add one or more new selections each month to this collection. Please check it out!
  4. BOOK LIST: We have begun assembling a “wish list” of books to add to our church library and to update our nursery book shelf. If you are interested in “sponsoring” one or more books, perhaps in honor of an event/individual or in memory, please contact the church office.