Got Questions about the Holy Ghost?

What is the role of the Holy Ghost? The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity and is equal and in existence with the Father and the Son. In Christian Doctrine (Revised Edition), Shirley Guthrie describes the Bible’s disclosure of the Holy Spirit as “the presence and work of the living God here and now in our individual lives, in the church and in the world.” Jesus describe the Spirit as “Advocate” and “teacher of truth”. The Spirit is active in both the new and old testaments. The New Testament introduces us to a key word that summarizes the work of the Spirit: “new”. The Holy Spirit brings new life, new beginnings, new wisdom and guidance from God. When the Spirit breaks in, old ways are transformed and new ways of thinking and doing begin. While the Spirit is a Comforter to those in distress, it has also been likened to a “wild goose”, insistently prodding us into new understandings and new ways of listening for and discerning the Word and Will of God. The Spirit calls us to read and hear God’s word in scripture and the world around us and discern what it says to our lives today. Our job is to be open to the work of the Spirit in our lives, our church and our world so that we can work with God in enacting peace and justice.

“Got Questions” is a monthly column which seeks to answer various questions church members may have about the Bible, church history, and church/spiritual practices.